the best cure for surfing aches and pains

the best cure for surfing aches and pains

We can arrange Yoga sessions with an excellent instructor for almost any time. These sessions are fun, informal and perfect for preparing for your day's surfing or stretching out those shoulders afterwards.

From complete novice to expert the accessible sessions are tailored to re-condition your body and mind.

Thai/Surf Massage

If you feel that Yoga just won't do the job, then the Thai or Surf-specific massage is just the ticket to make you feel back on top.

The massages are catered towards the needs of surfers and address all the common surfing stress and injury points to give you the best recovery possible.

Local Cultural/City Tours

If you would like to experience more of the local culture and history we can organise tours that cater to your interests. Nearby we have the colonial city of Leon, Nicaragua's second city and the home of the Sandinistas.

We can also take an excursion to the ruins of Old Leon, the first capital city of Nicaragua, or a trip to a beautiful lake in the cone of an extinct volcano.

Volcano Boarding

Rated  #2 in CNN's thrill seeker's bucket list, Volcano boarding down the slopes of the Cerro Negro Volcano is a fantastic addition to your Nicaragua experience. Trips can be arranged for any day of your stay.

Laguna Apoyo/Massaya/Granada Excursions

Some longer trips further afield to the beautiful colonial masterpiece that is the city of Granada, to the markets of Massaya or the stunning Laguna Apoyo are great for families or those rare days when we have a break in the swell. 

Each trip will be tailored to your specifications and these day-long excursions will introduce you to some of Nicaragua's most exciting and picturesque places.