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I have reviewed PSSR once in the past after my first trip, and...

...I didn't think it could be any better the second time around. Wow, was I wrong...I haven't even heard of anyone I know having as great of a time on a surf trip as I had.

Everything, from the food to the people, to the perfect empty waves, makes this the ideal surf spot... ...From the outset, Joe remembered me form the week I spent there a year ago. He treated me like a brother, not like a customer...

...The area is a wave magnet, and is surrounded by numerous waves of all shapes and sizes to make sure you're never bored...

I was down there for my birthday, and Joe and the staff went above and beyond to make it memorable, and they exceeded any expectation ...

Overall, I know I am going back, its just a matter of when.

This is my first review on tripadvisor but, because of how well we were taken care of by the staff at PSSR, I felt compelled to share my experience.

Lewis Overton, N. Carolina

I opted for the all inclusive package, which I would recommend. It just made the trip a no brainer.

we found the resort and our rooms clean and comfortable. Every morning our surf guide Stephen fired up the coffee early, checked the surf, and gave us the option to have him wake us up.

...This is were PSSR has a big advantage over the other resorts in the area. Because PSSR is smaller that the other resorts, there were fewer people on our boat trips...

Our boat Captain Jimmy knew just where to drop us... he never steered us wrong.

The kitchen staff was great. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were, healthy, made fresh, and always included veggies, and or fruit.

Joe and his staff made us feel at home. I would highly recommend PSSR.

Stephen - Carlsbad Ca.