Puerto Sandino - The main break we take the boat to is Puerto Sandino, a 300 - 400m reeling left. This wave has a bunch for everyone with inside barrels, softer outside peaks and long long rides. It is also only a 5 minute boat ride away.

Further afield by boat, we have the beach breaks of Salinas Grande, great on cross-up swells or when things are a little small on the beaches.

...or the 4x4
We also have El Transito, a half hour away by 4x4, perfect for those smaller days or when you want to mix it up and visit another beautiful fishing village. We can chill after surfing here with a beer and a meal at a beach-front restaurant.


Just a few seconds out of our front gate and you can be surfing the wave of your choice



Shacks - Here is our Slab located directly out front. Sit back in the hammocks and chairs or the pool and watch this thing unleash on the reef.  Its a left hand HOLLOW reeling wave that doesn't stop until you hit the beach. We surf this on a Mid to High incoming tide, anywhere from 3ft to 6ft this wave is one of  funnest waves around and also rewarding with its bone dry barrels. This waves breaks over a flat top rock slab and is a fun wave for everyone. 

Shifty's - Another wave right out front. A beach break this time!  This is an A frame wave that produces  some of the funnest walls and even hollow barrels when you get the Double Up Drainers! This wave is special because there is an outer reef that that breaks up the energy on Large interval swells and creates this super fun playful, rippable lefts and right A-Frames.

Miramar Point - Here is a left hand point break that is visible from our rancho and only a 2 minute walk from the pool.  This wave has some of the hollowest barrels around. When the swell is ranging from 2 feet to 4 feet you can score the inside on a mid to high tide with hollow perfect barrels. When we get swell from 6ft or bigger and you want a World Class reeling, hollow, heavy, spitting point break then here it is!  The point can be one of the heaviest and most challenging or rewarding waves in Central America on the big swells. 

Pipes - 5 minute walk down the beach. This low to high tide break is a mix between reef and beach, predominantly left with an occasional good right-hander. The inside section walls up with some great barrels, but even the less hollow waves have big walls for throwing some heavy carves. This is our low tide wave on the beach.