Jimmy Baldivia - el capitan

Jimmy Baldivia, Captain/Maintenance

To us, the best captain in Nicaragua. Having Jimmy responsible for our safety in the water is our peace of mind, leaving nothing to focus on but the next set wave.

With nearly 10 years experience there's no one who knows better the layout of the complicated reefs around Puerto Sandino.

Carla Baldivia, queen of the Puerto Sandino Surf Resort Kitchen

Heidi & Isela - Kitchen & Housekeeping

The girls are the backbone of our life here at the resort. They cook our meals, clean our rooms and make life here so good - they're the reason we get to relax and surf all day without worrying about going hungry!

They really have the kitchen locked down. From traditional Nicaraguan delights such as Indio Viejo to Thai curries and classic Italian pasta, it's a culinary delight every day!

Puerto Sandino Surf Resort-5318.jpg

Yasser Lopez- Airport transfers & city tours 

This funny guy will be the one to greet you on your arrival at the Managua Airport. You will see Yasser with a PSSR sign and a smile awaiting your arrival. He is a great driver and always doing anything in his power to make your travels with him a safe and memorable  adventure. 

Ranger taking another nap in an inconvenient location


Keeping an eye on very little, Ranger is the epitome of beach life. Our mascot and companion at the beach.


Rudy- Just Rudy

You can always hear the ladies yell out "Rudy"! He is the one that is nothing but smiles and will be in the water with you most of the time. If you need anything just yell "Rudy"!



Christian & Colin - Owner & Operators of PSSR

Come & enjoy this piece of paradise with us!